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The topic of sustainability is a major concern and continuous aim. Especially in a development company like ours, we know that progress, technology and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, but instead complement each other perfectly. Whether as a family or as a company, there are many little things that one can do that can make the world a little better. For example, by reducing emissions or supporting a social project.

On this page, we share how CREA SYSTEMS is addressing the topic of sustainability.




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Made and produced in Germany
We develop, produce and design our products exclusively in Germany.

CREA SYSTEMS pays taxes in Germany
Our branches are exclusively located in Germany.

Materials from the region
We try to source as many materials regionally both to avoid emissions due to long transport routes and to ensure high quality. We also appreciate having personal contact with our suppliers.

RoHs-compliant products
Of course, we manufacture our products in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) standard.

Lead-free glass colours
We use lead-free colours to tint our glass.

Water-based inks
We use water-based colours to print motifs on glass.

CO₂-neutral shipping
We work with DPD as our parcel service. DPD is very concerned about protecting the environment, ensuring that every package is transported in a carbon-neutral manner and investing in certified climate projects as compensation for any emissions they produce. Find more info at:

RESY packaging
For shipping parcels for our SUNNYHEAT products, we use licensed Resy packaging. Our packaging manufacturer pays the corresponding fees to RESY GmbH. RESY guarantees the complete disposal and recycling of all transport and outer packaging made of paper and cardboard marked with the RESY symbol. In our other product areas, we try to reuse packaging where possible for subsequent shipments.

Reducing electromagnetic pollution
As far as possible, we try to reduce electrosmog with our SUNNYHEAT products. Our products have been tested and DIN-certified for low levels of electrosmog.

Climate-neutral printing
You will often find the ClimatePartner logo on our promotional products and paper instructions. This means that we offset the emissions created by printing our documents. We do this by investing in certified climate projects such as forest conservation in Brazil. With the corresponding ID number, you can view our emission offsets on the ClimatePartner website. Since 2019, we print every material in an emissions-neutral manner.

Recyclable paper
When we print instructions, we always use recyclable paper. This is certified with the Blue Angel environmental certification.

LED lighting
We have changed the lighting in our entire buildings to energy-saving LED lights.

Climate-neutral website
We have had our website certified by ClimatePartner. You can recognise this with our ClimatePartner logo. Click on the logo to learn more about the emissions offset for our website.

With these small steps, we are trying to make our contribution to sustainability. We are not a large corporation, but instead a family business aware of our responsibility as a company. Of course, we know that environmental protection and sustainability is a constantly evolving process that needs to be nurtured. We therefore constantly strive to optimise our processes and products in response to this important issue.

If you have further suggestions or ideas for improvement, feel free to use our contact form and contact us. Thank you very much!